Rice Protein: Benefits in Hair Care

What is Hydrolysed Rice Protein?

Hydrolysed Rice Protein is a water-soluble, cosmetic grade vegetable protein that is rich in amino acids beneficial to hair and skin. We absolutely love using this ingredient in our products!

What are the benefits of Rice Protein in Hair Care?

Rice protein is proven to be a brilliant natural ingredient in hair care formulations for its many benefits:

  • Volume is increased significantly thanks to its protein content with both cationic (positive) and anionic (negative) charges. These opposing charges repel each other helping add volume to hair.
  • Repairs damaged hair and improves elasticity, making hair more resistant against splitting, breaking and falling out due to the presence of daily stress agents.
  • It’s an effective treatment thanks to its strengthening, detangling and smoothing properties.
  • Increases moisture, shine and adds natural highlights with regular use.
  • Helps improve the skin's moisture barrier and is highly recommended for sensitive or allergy-prone skin.

Rice protein is a natural alternative offering amazing benefits that nourish hair from root to tip making it look its best. Find it in all our premium hair care bars:

Written by Barbara Solis

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