Body odour is something most people want to fight at all costs in order to achieve that all-day powdery freshness, however, there is a lot of debate around some ingredients used in commercial deodorant that raise some concerns making more and more people switch to natural alternatives, but are these just as effective?

First of all, we need to understand the basics:

Why do our armpits smell?

Smelly armpits are normal. We sweat to help maintain our core body temperature in response to hot weather, emotional stress, or strenuous activity. Sweat is actually odourless, it’s the bacteria on the skin breaking down the sweat that causes that stinky, unpleasant smell.

How does deodorant work?

Let’s make a difference between deodorant and antiperspirant. Deodorant uses antimicrobial agents to slay the bacteria whilst antiperspirants form a plug within the sweat glands to prevent it from reaching the surface of the skin.

What’s so fishy about this?

Although the jury is still out about concerning ingredients such as aluminium, parabens, triclosan and phthalates contributing to developmental or reproductive issues, and potentially linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s, the fact is that they do alter your skin’s ecosystem, killing the good bacteria that protect you from infections.

Is natural deodorant as effective?

The truth is that no natural deodorant will 100% mask your body odour, and they do not, and should not stop you from sweating. Their purpose is to help us minimise odour when things heat up, whilst keeping a balanced microbiome in our skin.

Finding the right natural deodorant for you can involve a little trial and error, much like searching for a favourite pair of jeans. That’s because not only do we all smell differently but we all smell differently, too.

Is there a ‘detox’ period when switching to a natural deodorant?

We are all different, but you may experience a transition, especially if you are used to using antiperspirants as they contain aluminium which works by reacting with the salt in your sweat to physically plug your sweat ducts.

When you stop using an antiperspirant, most of the aluminium should be removed simply by rinsing with soap and water, but some aluminium may persist in the sweat ducts for some time and you’ll be sweating more than before, but don’t lose hope, it will pass!

How does our natural deodorant work?

We carefully formulate our deodorants with natural and organic ingredients such as:

  • Coconut oil for its nourishing fatty acids that help hydrate and protect the skin;
  • Shea butter for added moisture and protection thanks to its precious fatty acids and vitamins;
  • Arrowroot powder for stability, consistency and absorbing properties;
  • Premium essential oils for their antibacterial properties and lovely natural fragrance.

And added bonus is that there is no plastic packaging, are you ready to do the switch?

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